Technology’s ace in the hole: wristwatches don’t just tell time

wristwatches don’t just tell time: The development of technology has been accelerating at a very fast pace and, although a few decades ago it was thought that its impact would be more remarkable, even imagining that with the arrival of the year 2000 our cars would have the option of flying, it seems that we will have to wait a long time for this type of assumptions, or similar illusions, to stop being fiction and become a reality.

However, if we look back, it is only a very short time ago that human beings have made great achievements in many fields, the most notable being those related to the improvement of household utensils and spaces, workplaces and city facilities. These achievements have been possible thanks to the discovery of new materials that have made it possible to better understand the world around us and to carry out our daily activities more easily and comfortably.

The ambition to control time and to know what time it is at any given moment dates back many centuries, since it dates back to the beginning of the existence of the human race. Also, our activities are marked by these spaces of time and we feel the need to know how much time we have left to enter or leave work, to change subjects when we are studying at the university or how many hours of sleep we will be able to enjoy until the alarm goes off.

In short, our society is a slave to time both in the long term, planning events or trips among other options, and in the short term, which is given in the daily routine to know where we have to be according to the time marked by the clock or cell phone.

Evolution of watches in recent years

For this reason, watches are the devices that have changed the most over time and, above all, in recent years thanks to the development of new technologies. Nowadays they are no longer only used to know what time it is or to set an alarm to alert us at the time we need; now they have so many functions that when we get a smart watch we need to read the instructions well to learn all the advantages that these devices offer us.

It seems that our way of life has changed with the use of these smart watches that every day more and more people acquire giving them a daily use. Possibly they were created with the aim of helping athletes to keep track of their personal records and, little by little, and with the great importance of social networks, they have been improved and filled with applications that can be very useful.

It seems incredible that with just a wristwatch you can make phone calls, take pictures, control the quality and duration of sleep, count the calories that have been eliminated with physical activity or know the heart rate that each user has at all times. It seems so extraordinary that we need to have one to believe that these features are true.

And it seems that the only thing missing from this type of device is the option of being able to play games from them; in the past there were watches like the Casio that allowed us to play titles like the famous Pac-Man or racing games. It will be a matter of time for these devices to adapt to new applications like Instagram or Facebook and the acclaimed games like Candy Crush and some card games like online poker games regulated so that someday we can enjoy the latest news also from our wrist.

Linking with the cell phone
However, the most technological already control the music of cell phones with these watches and, in addition, from them you can save your boarding passes when you travel by plane or boat. On the other hand, some can control the lights at home or know the user’s position as long as they are linked to these devices and in turn to one of the products par excellence, Alexa.

One of the most used features on a daily basis in these devices is to know the temperature before leaving home or what it will be during the next few days in those destinations where we will spend some time, as weather variations also mark our routine and we must be prepared to not suffer the consequences later. In addition, they also allow us to answer emails and even make the shopping list in applications that give you the option before going to the supermarket.

It is like controlling our virtual life and, also a little bit the real one, from our smart watch, because surely these are going to be perfected more and more in the coming years trying to offer improvements and respond to the needs that human beings show and trying to make some actions more accessible.

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