Straight from Minecraft, comes Redstone, the codename of Windows 11

Straight from Minecraft, comes Redstone, the codename of Windows 11

Recently, the American multinational based in Redmond (VA), Microsoft, has revealed the codename that will carry its future operating system that will be available in 2022, Windows 11. Although Windows 10 made its official debut in the second half of this year, the company founded by Bill Gates is already working and developing its immediate successor.

As already announced directly by the company, the codename of the Windows 11 operating system to be launched next year will be codenamed Redstone, a name chosen from an element belonging to the famous video game Minecraft, which was acquired last year by Satya Nadella’s firm. What is clear is that this same strategy was also implemented in the past to name its personal assistant, as well as its most recent browser, since both Cortana and Spartan are names taken from its popular game Halo.

For now it is completely unknown what the design of this version of Windows to be launched next year will be like, as well as the new features it will introduce. However, if we take into consideration that Windows 10 promised a really remarkable change, the same is to be expected from its successor, although with more “moderate” modifications, as stated in the British technology website Channel EYE.

Now, as regards the official release date of Windows 11 with the name Redstone, everything seems to point to a release date in the course of 2022, coinciding with Windows Server 2022 and its official debut on the market.

the codename of Windows 11
the codename of Windows 11

Windows 10 offers a total overhaul as OS while Windows 11 would have more “moderate” changes.
What is absolutely certain today is that Windows 10 has been completely overhauled as an operating platform, offering a robust system that has introduced fundamental changes that its followers were clamoring for, such as the return of the Start menu button that had disappeared with the inception of its predecessor, Windows 8.

As we already mentioned, an update and revision of the size of Windows 10 will not be seen next year in Windows 11, that’s all that is known so far. But well, the best thing is that now you know that when you read or hear about Redstone, you will know perfectly well that it will be making direct reference to Windows 11, the next Microsoft operating system that will see the light of day during the next year.

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