best free applications and tools for Windows 10

The best free applications and tools for Windows 10 in 2020

Today we bring you a list of the best free applications and tools for Windows 10 in 2020, both the classic must-have ones and some new programs that have been released in the last few months. We have tried to make the list as varied as possible and to cover as many needs as possible. In total, we propose 21 best free applications in this list.

As every year, the list does not focus on the new best free applications that have been launched this year, but on the best ones you can find in Windows. The idea is that if you buy a new computer with Windows you will have all this repertoire at your disposal. But we haven’t forgotten about the veterans either, and we’ve tried to put in some new useful tools as well, like one to remove all the Windows bloatware or another one to find subtitles for series.

The best Tools for windows and Best free applications

Adobe Photoshop Express

This tools for windows is still one of the references when talking about photo editing applications. It is a simplified version of Photoshop, with an interface designed for computers with touch screens. Its options are far from those offered by the payment tool, but it allows you to make quick edits to improve your photos with just a couple of moves of your fingers, and what you see is what you get, which means you won’t find options hidden in paywalls.

What it will ask you to do is create an Adobe ID account. In return, you have several basic editing options, or a number of filters for different contexts, from Instagram-like ones to others for touching up the skin on portraits or improving the colour of landscapes. You can also crop and resize your images with the one best tools for windows.


It is one of the most widely known and used best free applications in the world, and no list of best free applications is complete without it. It’s a tool for recording and editing audio tracks on any operating system, and there are few that compare to it for the work of editing, recording, creating effects or converting audio.

Audacity is a tools for windows can be used for free on Windows, GNU/Linux and macOS, and is open to all other developers with its support for plugins to enhance it. It also features 16, 24 and 32 bit sound quality, and allows you to import, edit and combine different audio files. You can even export your recordings in various types of formats, including the ability to export several files at once.

Bing COVID-19 Tracker

When we look back, we will remember 2020 as the year of COVID-19, and this will be reflected in our list of best free applications. Bing COVID-19 Tracker is one tools for windows an application created by Microsoft for Windows, although it is also available for mobile phones, and it serves to have all the data on the pandemic updated and always at hand in application format, so you don’t have to search the Internet to find out how those lucky outbreaks are going.

The tool supports 30 languages, and provides real-time statistics on COVID-19 cases from around the world. It also provides news and videos, graphs and charts to view trends or compare regions, and useful information from state and local health departments.


Another great application that has been one of the best for years, in this case in the creation of three-dimensional graphics, modeling, VFX, animation, drawing, and more. It is totally free and open source, and being also multiplatform you have it available for Windows, GNU/Linux and macOS.

It has rendering, modeling and animation options, as well as its own video editing tools. It even has what you need to be able to create your own video game, all in an interface that you will be able to customize to adapt the tool to your needs.

Bluetooth Audio Receiver

This is a new Microsoft application created to take advantage of one of the new features of the latest Windows 10 update, the Windows 10 May 2020 Update. What this application does is to allow you to use the A2DP Sink Bluetooth, so that you can play music from other Bluetooth compatible devices on your PC.

For the application to work properly, your computer must have a Bluetooth adapter, and your playback device must support A2DP. Then, go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth, and in this panel you must pair the device from which you want to send the music to the computer. Then simply use the application.


If you have an e-book reader, then you need to have Caliber. And if the e-book is a Kindle, then that’s an added reason to install the best e-bookstore manager. With Calibre you can keep your virtual bookstore tidy, convert books into different formats, and send the books to the reader you’re using by converting it to its native format, such as the Kindle.

It also allows you to download newspapers, your favorite websites or read from the same application. You can do dictionary lookups, view books on your PC or connected eBook, read books at random, have your books synced in the cloud, do format conversions or edit the metadata of your eBooks. All this is available for Windows, MacOS and GNU/Linux.


Caption is one of those tools that focuses on one specific thing that not everyone needs, but when you want to use it, it’s a real wonder. It is an application that automatically finds the subtitles for all your videos, both for Windows users and for those who use MacOS and GNU/Linux. It is free and open source.

DaVinci Resolve

If you are looking for a professional level video editor for Windows, this is possibly the best alternative you have available. It is a paid program that costs 269 euros, but it has a free version with tools for editing processes, visual effects, graphic animations, color grading and audio post-production in one application.

However, if you are a professional, you should know that its paid version includes a neural engine, collaboration options, stereoscopic tools, dozens of ResolveFX and FairlightFX add-ons, HDR color correction and grain, blur and fog effects. However, the free one is already a good starting point for your more advanced home editions.


For many, DarkTable is the closest thing to Lightroom that you can get for free, and it has the added benefit of being an open-source project. It’s a photography workflow application that offers RAW development, image editing, and retouching. DarkTable is available for Windows, MacOS, and packaged for multiple Linux distributions.


Little by little, year by year, Discord is gaining strength and becoming a more important application to unite communities. It is a free application in which you can create chat servers with different channels. It’s like being able to set up your own Slack or your own IRC, and includes the possibility of making voice and video calls between users.

File Converter

It’s not all going to be big and perfectly familiar applications, because our list also has room for small jewelry. One of them is File Converter, something similar to Automator for macOS but for Windows and open source. The tool allows you to change the format of your files from the context menu that appears with a right click.

You can use it to convert the format of several files you have selected at once, even if these files are of different formats. For example, you can take a wav, a flac and an mp4 and convert all three at once to ogg or any other format. And the same with images, all with an extremely fast process that will make you forget about other heavier applications to do this action.


Before, we talked about the simplified and free version of Photoshop, which practically forces us to include in the list what for years has been its great alternative, and which is much more ambitious. GIMP is an alternative to the paid Photoshop, and not its reduced version, offering many advanced editing options for free.

The application is open source, and has versions for all operating systems. Image editing, layers, masks, multiple selections, channels, automations and, if you don’t have enough, the possibility of adding scripts and plugins to improve its functions.


Handbrake is a tool to convert the formats of your video files, passing them from one to another without any problem. It is free software, which makes it totally free, and even supports a wide variety of codecs. It is also multiplatform, with versions for Windows, GNU/Linux, and macOS.

The application has several profiles so you can have a configuration adapted to your device at the very beginning. It is also capable of reading files from any storage format, including unprotected DVDs or Bluray, has filters for videos, the ability to edit their chapters, or the insertion of subtitles.


jDownloader is one of the best direct download management applications you can find. It has the possibility of storing your user accounts in different file download services, such as Mega and company, and it analyzes your clipboard so that when you copy one or several links it automatically adds them to be able to start the downloads.

It has versions for Windows, GNU/Linux or macOS, and can work with files divided into several parts as long as they are downloaded at the same time. It also decompresses the content that comes compressed, and allows you to download videos from YouTube or any content from the clouds that you have directly in the folder you assign for all downloads.


Kodi is practically indispensable if you want to turn your computer into a multimedia center, and it has been the most recommended for these tasks for years. Its code is free, and it has versions for Windows as well as for GNU/Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, Raspberry Pi and practically any other you need.

It is a totally modular application, with a clean interface but you can add complements to adapt it to your needs. You can also change its interface thanks to the system of themes it includes, and it also has add-ons with which to add different types of functionalities. With them you can watch on different TV channels through the Internet, show weather forecasts, or connect to services such as Plex, SoundCloud or YouTube. You also have them to listen to radio, access some of your cloud storage services.


Krita is an excellent digital painting program designed especially for artists who work with illustration, comics, conceptual art, painting, and so on. It is a free software application, and therefore it is completely free. It is also multiplatform, with versions for Windows, Linux and macOS.

It has an intuitive user interface that doesn’t get in the way of your work, with panels that you can move and customize to suit your work style. It also has brush stabilizers, pop-up palette, brush engines, wrap mode and resource manager.


There are many applications to download torrents, but few of them are better and more complete than qBittorrent. It is open source and has no surprises or unwanted additions, it is multiplatform and can be used on any PC, and has its own torrent search engine, to which you can also add by hand the sources you want to search more and better.

It also allows you to make several simultaneous downloads, and has the classic options to pause, resume or delete the downloads. The application opens Magnet links by default, supports DHT, IPv6, Proxies, RSS and protocol encryption, and allows you to play files while downloading, which will help you save time by detecting erroneous downloads.


This is an application created by a 12 year old boy, and which is open source so that anyone can see into his guts. It’s simple: a launcher in which you can put applications, files or web pages, a kind of favorites window that you can access whenever you want and customize to your liking. It has a dark mode and customizable size for the icons.


Office is a paid application, and although with moves like offering a free app for Windows 10 it makes it very difficult for the competition, there are still big free heavyweights like LibreOffice. It is open source, and includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentations, diagrams, database app and a formula editor, all of them capable of opening and working with the format of Office applications such as Word or Excel.

Over time, it has become an almost indispensable application, and a true statement of intent for those who believe in open source. Its interface has been modernized over time, it has all the functions that can be expected from this type of application, and even a LibreOffice Online with which you can set up your own office service on a server with which to compete with Google Drive.

Microsoft Edge

Everything you like about Chrome is on Microsoft Edge, except you don’t have what you don’t like. One of the big news of the last months is the arrival of the new version of Microsoft’s browser, which is now based on the same open source project Chromium that Google uses in Chrome.

It may not offer the privacy of Firefox or the speed of other browsers, but its support for Chrome extensions and those Microsoft add-ons that even Google itself is implementing in its browser make it a more than interesting project. It’s still Microsoft, and I’m sure many of you say that my data will not be safe, but since I tried it in beta I haven’t returned to Chrome.


MuseScore is professional music notation software that is completely free and unrestricted. You can use it to create, play, and print sheet music from Windows, Linux, MacOS, or ChromeOS, as well as mobile versions of the app for iOS and Android.

Its code is open and allows input through MIDI keyboards, and can be transferred to/from other programs through MusicXML, MIDI and other formats. It allows you to write music for piano, guitar, orchestra, jazz, choir, bands, marches and more,

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