Windows Error 126

Solve Windows Error 126

Windows Error 126 is among the most typical errors faced by frequent computer users. This mistake is not specific to any apps setup part and it might happen that you are attempting to install. This indicates some issue at the loading of a dynamic link library i.e. Dynamic-link library files. These files are used to create the files smaller or to use common functionality. Library files are loaded during the beginning of the program or at runtime the operation is necessary. So we can say that if windows attempt to load Dynamic-link library files associated with some program, but the system cannot finds it then Windows Error 126 is generated by it.

Reasons For Windows Error 126:

The main reason of the error is that windows has been unable to find the Dynamic-link library files necessary to start the installation process for dynamic link and this sometimes happens due to any subsequent reason: The Dynamic-link library files may not present in Dynamic Link Directory of your program. You might deleted the files. Library files are in windows folder in C drive and consumers dont go through this path so this opportunity is rare. Reason for this error is corruption of Dynamic-link library files. Dynamic-link library files may get corrupted because of several reasons like – abnormal termination of any process, Force close tasks, improper shut down of system, unsuccessful uninstallation, Malwares\/virus attacks etc.

If Dynamic-link library documents are neither corrupt nor deleted from program then the issue must be with windows registry. All the Dynamic-link library files present in program must be registered with windows, but occasionally due to some errors in registry entries these documents are not registered. Because of this, Dynamic-link library documents are failed to be loaded if they are required by windows installer. Steps to fix Windows Error 126 – More you’ll look after your system, more it may look after you! This command will require administrative rights to execute.

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