Iphone record a phone call

Iphone record a phone call

Iphone record a phone call

Surely we have ever been in a situation where we need to Iphone record a phone call the conversation we are having on the phone, either because we want to keep some data and we cannot write it down at the moment, or we are interviewing someone or because of any other situation.

There are several methods that allow us to record calls, which are to some extent easy to find and configure, whether we do it through a computer, external recorders with the device on speaker, or through a wide range of accessories, which connect to our smartphone through the 3.5 millimeter jack and allow us to connect to external recording devices.

But suppose we have none of this, we are only in front of our iPhone and the need to record an important call. This time we will know some applications that allow it, as well as in which cases it is legal to do so, because no, recording phone calls is not always legal and doing it without due care could bring us serious consequences.

What does the law say?

Here we must clarify that in each country the legislation for the recording of calls is different, but for the case of Spain, Mexico and most countries in Latin America, it is legal to record a telephone conversation, provided that we are participating in it, in addition to our interlocutor had to be informed that it would be recorded and we have his authorization via voice.

Note here that if we are not participating in the call, that is, we are recording a third party’s conversation, this is known as “wiretapping” and in most countries it is illegal. Similarly, if we are recording our interlocutor without his consent, besides that in this case, the recording cannot be used for legal purposes as evidence in court, unless we are in Germany, which is the only country that accepts illegal recordings in court.

So a recommendation when recording phone calls is to announce at the beginning of the call that the conversation is being recorded, this will protect us and have a backup in case of any legal problem.

Considerations when recording calls from an iPhone
Before knowing the available applications, it is necessary to emphasize that Apple does not allow apps to have access to the microphone and the speaker of the headset during a call, despite this, the developers have managed to record calls, this by means of connections to external services, creating three-way calls, where one of them is in charge of recording the call.

Iphone record a phone call

In most of these cases, for Iphone record a phone call these recordings are stored in external servers and we will be able to access them after registration. Besides, the developers of these apps mention that only we can have access to our recordings, so we will see that the ratings and reviews of all these applications are mostly negative.

It’s worth noting that these apps need to make an additional call to connect to the recording service, none of them do so natively (be careful here, we’re not getting into jailbreak territory where it’s possible to do so), so we’ll have to consider that the app in question has a local number because if it doesn’t we’ll have to pay international call charges.

Apps to record calls on iPhone

There are many applications that promise to record our calls, some of which are free and others free with in-app purchases, but the latter have restrictions on recording and listening to the files. The most important thing is to check before if they are compatible in our country, since most of them are only for the United States.

List Iphone record a phone call

Google Voice (Free)

This is undoubtedly the best application for recording calls on iPhone, unfortunately it is only available in the United States.

TapeACall Lite (Free with in-app purchases)

Another good option for call recording, its operation consists of making an additional call that will be in charge of recording the conversation. In this free version we can record the whole call, but only listen to the first 60 seconds of the recording. The app for Iphone record a phone call version has a price of 9.99 euros.

Bureaucracy (Free with in-app purchase)

Burovoz says it is the only app that allows to Iphone record a phone call and certify them with “total legal security”, this is done through its own platform, but for its operation we need credit recharges. It is only compatible in Spain and is available in Catalan.

Call recording – IntCall (Free with in-app purchases)

This is the only app that makes use of a VOIP server, to connect to it we will need to buy credit, since the server will be the one that links the calls, so here we also need good data coverage or to be under a WiFi connection.

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