The benefits of IP telephony in Spanish SMEs

The benefits of IP telephony in Spanish SMEs

IP telephony: Today’s world has nothing to do with what it was thirty years ago. Many technologies and disciplines, from robotics to digitalization, have undergone a revolution, and if there is one area in which everything has changed radically, it is undoubtedly communications.

The Internet has transformed everything. We no longer shop the same way, we no longer learn the same way, we communicate with our loved ones differently, we watch TV online and work remotely. Information, our contacts or the pizzeria around the corner are just a click away. All thanks to this technology, which has created a global network through which we exchange huge amounts of data.

Logically, this revolution has also reached companies. By facilitating connections, the Internet has opened up new possibilities. For example, more and more small and medium-sized companies are realizing that having a website where they can offer their products is very beneficial: an online store is as necessary (or more so) than a physical store. In the same way, the Internet has simplified structures and processes: for example, it is no longer necessary for a company to have dozens of telephone lines to communicate; there are many options, such as IP telephony.

What is IP telephony and what advantages does it offer SMEs?

IP telephony (or Internet telephony protocol) is a technology that uses the IP protocol (i.e. the data communication used in the network) for the exchange of voice or fax. In this way, Internet communication replaces calls traditionally made through telephone networks.

IP telephony has many advantages for companies:

  • The cost associated with the installation infrastructure and monthly bills. Traditional telephone systems are much more difficult to administer, configure and maintain. In addition, by using the Internet connection, it will not be necessary to have additional lines, which have a high monthly cost. As for the bill, these systems allow you to use the voice over IP operator that best suits your needs at any given time, with the consequent savings in telephone consumption.
  • An integrated IT system: IP telephony is the natural extension of the IT system. With this technology it is possible to make and receive calls from computers and to use “traditional” telephones communicating with the computer. This increases efficiency and allows calls to be integrated into management systems. For example, it is possible to dial from the web browser, reducing dialing errors, and when a call is received, the computer can automatically open the person’s file, displaying all available information.
  • It facilitates the implementation of new ways of working: IP telephony is ideal for teleworking, because employees can have an IP phone connected to their broadband. Our office system will recognize it as an extension, without any influence on whether or not it is in the office. In addition, IP telephony facilitates the application of new features that have been implemented with great speed in recent months, such as multi-user conference calls.

In short, IP telephony is not the future: it is a present that is already here.

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