How to upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11

In this article, friends, we’ll look at how to update Windows 10 to Windows 11. On October 5, 2021, the official release of Windows 11 took place. And those whose computers meet the system requirements of Windows 11 will be able to upgrade to it from Windows 10 or even an older version. with preservation of the license.

An upgrade to Windows 11 on qualified computers will be offered through Windows Update. And it will be offered in stages: first for some devices, after a while for others. But if you are not among the first, you may have to wait until mid-2022. You don’t have to wait in line, you can upgrade to Windows 11 right now using the tools available on the Microsoft website. This is the Windows 11 Setup Assistant utility and the Windows 11 installation ISO image itself. Let’s walk through the upgrade process using these tools. We’ll also talk about how to upgrade Windows 10 to Insider Windows 11. And we’ll also talk about how to upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11 on non-compliant computers.

↑ How to upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11

↑ Highlights

So, friends, Windows 11. To understand if you need it, about its concept, idea, design and innovations, see the comprehensive Windows 11 review and the article on the official presentation of the operating system. Also see the materials on the site dedicated to individual features of Windows 11. Its most striking feature is that it cannot be installed on computers that do not meet its system requirements – tough and technically unjustified. If on our computer at least one of the fundamentally important components for installing and updating to Windows 11 does not match, i.e. no compatible processor, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB C disk space, UEFI BIOS, Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 security module, we will not be able to install a new system or upgrade to it using official methods.

How to check whether or not a computer meets the requirements of Windows 11, see the article “How to check a computer for compatibility with Windows 11”.


Attention: friends, if your computer does not meet the requirements of Windows 11, you need to follow the instructions in the articles to install it from scratch or upgrade to it, respectively:

  • How to install Windows 11 without TPM 2.0, Secure Boot and UEFI,
  • How to upgrade to Windows 11 on non-compliant computers.

Below we will consider the official ways to upgrade to Windows 11, which are suitable only for computers that meet its requirements .

In any case, we are transferring the license to Windows 11 – even by upgrading to it from Windows 10, even rolling from scratch. When installing Windows 11 from scratch, you just need to activate it with a key from Windows 10, 8.1 or 7. This works for now, as will be further unknown.

Important : friends, you can upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11 only if you are using regular Windows 10 with a modern lifecycle, i.e. if you have installed, for example, the current version 21H1.

You will not be able to upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10 LTSB and LTSC. And also you won’t be able to upgrade to 32-bit Windows 10, because Windows 11 is 64-bit only.


↑ Windows Update


Friends, the first thing you can do is go to Windows 10 Update, and this is the “Settings” system application, the “Update and Security” section, the “Windows Update” subsection. Run a check for updates and see if you have received an update to Windows 11. If it has arrived, click “Download and Install”.

Further, the background update will be downloaded and installed, and the operating system, when necessary, will ask you to reboot itself to install the update. If the update to Windows 11 did not come to you, let’s get it ourselves.


↑ Utility “Windows 11 Installation Assistant”


The priority method for upgrading Windows 10 to Windows 11 is with the Windows 11 Installation Assistant. Anyone who has updated to Windows 10 using the Windows 10 Update Assistant will not find anything new during the update process, it is the same utility, only with slightly different names. The Windows 11 Setup Assistant utility is the official way to upgrade to Windows 11. You can download the utility on the Microsoft website, on the Windows 11 download page.

Download, run, click “Accept and Install”.

We are waiting for the utility to download the files necessary for the update, check everything and install the updates. All this time, you can freely use your computer, in fact, in the background installation of updates and the attractiveness of this particular method of updating to Windows 11 lies.

Next, the utility will prompt you to restart your computer.

After that, there will be work with updates in pre-boot mode and setting up the updated operating system.

And that’s all – after starting the computer, we will already be greeted by Windows 11.


↑ Windows 11 installation ISO image


Another official way to update Windows 10 to 11 is to use the latest installation ISO downloaded from Microsoft’s website. The method is remarkable in that the update process will have an image previously downloaded on the computer disk with the files necessary for updating. And the process will not need to pull these files from the Internet and store them on the C drive. To download the installation ISO, go to the Microsoft website, to the same Windows 11 download page. Double-click the downloaded image to display it in Explorer. Run the “setup” file.

Click “Next” in the window of the running installation program.

We accept the terms of the license.

The computer will be checked for compliance with the system requirements of Windows 11. And if everything matches, we will see the stage of starting the update. We press “Install”.

Next, we will observe how the Windows 11 updates are installed. We will not be able to work with the computer.

Then the update will still be implemented after restarting the computer.

Then the final stages of the update will follow.

And that’s it – let’s upgrade to Windows 11.


↑ Upgrade to Windows 11 Insider


Friends, Windows 11 is a new object of interest for Microsoft, to which it has shifted its focus, removing it from Windows 10. Windows 11 will actively develop and receive new functionality. For example, from the announced at the presentation of Windows 11 in its final release, we did not receive native support for Android applications, since this is planned for next year. Another example is that the company has embarked on a course of redesigning standard applications for a modern format. If you are interested in being among the first to test new developments in Windows 11, you can upgrade to it from Windows 10 as part of the Windows 11 Insider Testing Program. Participation in the program and the upgrade to Windows 11 Insider is only possible on computers that meet the operating system requirements.

To connect to Windows Insider in the Windows 10 System Settings app, you must enable optional diagnostic data along the Privacy → Diagnostics and Feedback path.

And just in case, include below input enhancement and personalized experiences.

Next, in the system parameters, go along the path “Update and Security → Windows Insider Program”. We press “Start”.

Connect your Microsoft account.

Log in to it. If you are not yet registered with the Windows Insider program, click Register.

Next – “Register”.

We agree with everything that is required of us, click “Send”.

After registering in the Windows Insider program, we will have access to channels on which assemblies are delivered at different stages of testing: an early Dev channel, a more streamlined Beta and the most debugged Release Preview, a pre-release channel. Choose what you need. We will choose the Release Preview, so that the operating system is more or less tested, and so that we keep abreast of new products before others. Select and click “Confirm”.

We press “Confirmation”.

And – “Restart now”.

Reboot and catch in the update center (in the “Settings” application along the path “Update and Security → Windows Update”) update to insider Windows 11. Click “Download and Install”.

We accept the license terms.

The update to Windows 11 will be downloaded and installed, the progress will be monitored in the update center.

As a result, we reboot.

Next, we will have the stages of pre-installation of updates in pre-boot mode – the same stages as when updating the previous two methods in case of updating to stable Windows 11. And as a result, the computer will be updated to insider Windows 11.

Note: Friends, you can also upgrade to Insider Windows 11 just like you can to Stable Windows 11 using the installation ISO. Only in this case we need an installation ISO, respectively, insider Windows 11. You can download it on the Microsoft website, on the Windows Insider resource. To access the download page for installation images of the operating systems tested within the Insider Program, you will need to log in with your Microsoft account. And go through the simple steps of registering in the Windows Insider program. After upgrading to Windows 11 Insider in the Settings app, go to Update Center → Windows Insider Program.

And we connect to the Windows Insider program.

This, friends, is how to upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11.     

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