How to install Windows 11

In this article, friends, we will look at how to install Windows 11. And consider in the context of the actual installation process of this operating system. The installation process hasn’t really changed since the days of Windows Vista. The first stages of installing Windows 11 are the same as those of Windows 8.1 and 10.

And only at the stage of the initial setup of Windows 11 will we detect changes, but these will only be external changes. After copying the system files and launching it on the hard disk, we will see a new design of the installation process, the initial configuration will be carried out in the Windows 11 interface. But the setup steps themselves will be basically the same as in Windows 10. So if you have experience installing the latter , with Windows 11 you won’t have any problems. Let’s get started.


↑ How to install Windows 11


↑ Windows 11 bootable media


Friends, to install Windows 11, you need a bootable media. To install the operating system on a computer, you need to create an installation flash drive. You need to create it in different ways, depending on whether your computer meets the system requirements of Windows 11. For information on how to find out, see the article “How to check your computer for compatibility with Windows 11”. For details on how to create an installation USB drive for recommended and non-compliant computers, see the site article “How to Create a Bootable Windows 11 USB Drive”. Create a USB stick for your case. Next, boot from this flash drive: when you start the computer, press the BIOS Boot menu and select the flash drive.

And let’s install Windows 11.


↑ Installing Windows 11


At the first installation stage, click “Next”.

Then – “Install”.

Click “I don’t have a product key.”

At the stage of choosing editions, we select the one you need; by the way, you can read about editions and editions of Windows 11 in the article “Editions of Windows 11”. If you don’t know which edition to choose, choose Pro, this is the standard option.

Next, put a check mark on the acceptance of the license conditions.

Installation type click “Custom”.

And we indicate the place where we want to install Windows 11. If your hard disk is unallocated, either click all the unallocated space, and then in the already installed system partition the disk as you need, or use the “Create” button to create partitions on the disk directly in installation process. And then select the first partition to install Windows 11.

If you have partitioning on the disk, format the bootloader and operating system partitions using the “Format” option. And then specify the operating system partition as the location for installing Windows 11.

Next will be the stage of copying Windows 11 files.

After the computer restarts, Windows 11 will install the necessary drivers, start system services.

And it will lead us to the stages of initial configuration.


↑ Initial setup of Windows 11


As part of the initial setup of Windows 11, we indicate our region, i.e. country.

We confirm the selected or select the desired keyboard layout.

Add other layouts or skip the stage.

Next, we can specify the name of the computer, or we can skip this stage, and then the name will be assigned to the computer automatically. But in any case, the computer name can be changed later without any problems.



If we install Windows 11 on our computer or any computer without corporate control, select the next setting for personal use.

Then, if we have the Internet connected, we can log in using a Microsoft account, and this will be the only option in the Windows 11 Home edition. But if we install the Pro edition and higher, we can not bother with a Microsoft account and create a stand-alone one, i.e. a local account for working with a computer. To do this, click “Login Options”.

Then – “Offline account”.

We press “Skip for now”.

Enter the username.

If necessary, we come up with a password, if not, we just skip the stage.

We can adjust the privacy settings, then click “Accept”.

If the Internet is connected, the update check phase will start.

The system will be updated with the latest updates.

And after installing them, we will see the desktop of the installed Windows 11.

This, friends, is how to install Windows 11.     

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