How to install Windows 11 Insider Preview

Hello friends. Insider testing of Windows 11 has started. Earlier on our website we reviewed a preliminary unofficial assembly of the new operating system, and also talked about its presentation by Microsoft. And yesterday, the company launched Windows 11 Insider Preview testing in the Windows Insider program.

Well, in fact, here it is – the first official build of Windows 11, so to speak, sanctioned by Microsoft. In this assembly, we will see everything that was not included in the unofficial assembly of the new Windows version leaked into the network. Users with eligible computers enrolled in the Windows Insider program can join the new operating system test program and move the Windows 10 installed on their computer to one of the Windows 11 Insider update delivery channels. You can get Windows 11 Insider Preview in any scenario by downloading its installation image and updating the system manually or by installing from scratch. How do I install Windows 11 Insider Preview?

↑ How to install Windows 11 Insider Preview

So, friends, insider testing of Windows 11 has officially started. Insider build of the new operating system is much more ready than the preliminary build, leaked to the network before the presentation. Here we will see a lot of improvements, a new format for the Settings application and the notification center, a new explorer, new system context menus, etc.

Updated: Insider Builds could initially be installed on any computer, even if it doesn’t meet the Windows 11 system requirements set by Microsoft. Many insiders have received a new system without claims to their hardware. Later, Microsoft closed access to the Windows 11 Insider Testing Program on computers that did not meet its system requirements. Now, friends, if your computer sags in terms of Windows 11 system requirements, you will not be able to connect to the Windows 11 insider testing program. Thus, Microsoft supposedly takes care of the stability of Windows 11 on the hardware that does not match it. What to do in this case will be discussed below.

There are several ways how to install Windows 11 Insider Preview.

↑ Update Windows 10 to insider Windows 11

Friends, on a computer that meets the system requirements of Windows 11, you can get its insider by upgrading to it from the current Windows 10, for this you need to connect to the Windows Insider program. If you want to do this from your main Windows 10, be sure to create a backup so that you can roll back to a stable system in case of any problems. Either clone Windows 10 to a different computer drive, or install a new one on a different computer drive or virtual machine.

In Windows 10 system settings, follow the path:

 Update and Security> Insider Program

Click “Start”.

Insider Windows has three channels for delivering updates:

  • Dev Channel is a development channel, these are the first assemblies of operating systems, all new developments are being introduced into them;
  • Beta Channel – beta testing channel, debugged builds;
  • Release Preview ChannelPreview channel, even more polished but late builds.

In the context of researching early developments in Windows 11, the Dev Channel is of course interesting. Or at least the Beta Channel. 

We connect the Microsoft account associated with the Windows Insider program.

If you have previously signed up for the Windows Insider program, connect the Microsoft account associated with the program.

If you haven’t registered, please register right now in the Settings app.

It’s just two steps. We register.

We agree to the terms of the Windows Insider program.

After authorization, select the Dev Channel.

Or we can choose a more stable Release Preview channel.

Then we confirm the transition to Windows Insider, reboot. We go to the Windows 10 update center, click “Check for updates” and update the operating system to Windows 11.

↑ How to get Windows 11 Insider Preview on an incompatible computer


Friends, if your computer does not meet the Windows 11 system requirements, you will not be able to officially participate in the Windows 11 Insider Program. But you can unofficially, there are several ways to do this.


Method number 1 . Participate in Windows Insider in a virtual machine in VMware Workstation Pro or in a virtual machine in Hyper-V. These two hypervisors provide TPM 2.0 emulation. Install the insider assembly of Windows 11 on the virtual machine from the start. Then go to the insider program settings in the “Settings” system application along the path “Windows Update → Insider Program”. And connect your Microsoft account linked to the Insider Program.

This is necessary for full access to the insider program, in particular, to change the build channel, if you need it. For example, you might want to switch from a later branch to an earlier branch, and you can do this in the same system application “Settings” by the same path “Windows Update → Insider Program”.


Method number 2 . Try connecting to the Insider Program on a non-Windows 11 compatible computer. The method is unstable, however. Download the OfflineInsiderEnroll utility available on GitHub. Run it as administrator, select switching to the channel, for example, Dev Channel by entering the number 1.

Reboot. Next, run a special script to skip the Windows 11 compliance check. Then try to run updates in the update center, you may be able to update to a new build of Windows 11.


Method 3 . Update manually to new insider builds. To do this, you need to get the installation image of the new assembly by compiling using the UUP website. The compiler offered on this site provides for the removal of restrictions on the installation of the operating system. The very process of upgrading to a new build of Insider Windows 11 is exactly the same as the process of upgrading to stable Windows 11 using an ISO installation image.


↑ Windows 11 Insider Preview from scratch


Finally, how do you download Insider Windows 11 to install it from scratch? You can download:

  • On the Microsoft Insider Program website (requires insider program registration); 
  • On sites such as Windows update platforms by compiling an installation image (nothing is required).

Important : in order to install insider Windows 11 on a computer that does not meet its system requirements, or on a virtual machine without TPM 2.0 support, in particular, in VirtualBox and VMware Workstation Player programs, you need to bypass the blocking installation of the operating system on unsupported devices. For these methods, see the article “How to install Windows 11 without TPM 2.0, Secure Boot and UEFI”.

If you install the system on a physical computer, the article on the site “How to create a bootable USB flash drive for Windows 11” will come in handy. Also, perhaps, friends, the materials of the site regarding the insider program will be useful: 

  • What’s New in Windows 11 Insider Preview Builds;
  • “How to switch to a different Insider Program channel in Windows 11 Insider Preview.”

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