How to download Windows 11

Friends, the official release of Windows 11 by Microsoft has taken place. This wonderful event took place on October 5, 2021. You can get Windows 11 on computers that meet its system requirements through Windows 10 Update.

But the update will be distributed in several stages: owners of newer computers will be the first to upgrade to Windows 11, everyone else will be able to do this by mid-2022. You don’t have to wait in line for the update, you can use the tools to get Windows 11 from Microsoft. And right now download Windows 11 for a new installation or upgrade to it. Let’s take a look at how to download Windows 11 in the official way on the Microsoft website.


↑ How to download Windows 11


Windows 11 is an operating system with strict system requirements for computers. “Under the hood” it at the time of release is still the same as that of Windows 10, but it received a new lightweight interface, built on a different, modern user interface platform. What is the new operating system, see the articles on the site about its official presentation and with its comprehensive review. And see also publications about its individual features and problems.

As of now, the final Windows 11 is version 21H2 and build 22000.194. 

You can get the operating system on the Microsoft website, on the Windows 11 download page. Microsoft has not deviated from the traditions of supplying the distribution kit of its operating systems, and in the case of Windows 11, we are offered a choice:

  • Windows 11 Setup Assistant – a utility to upgrade to Windows 11 while preserving all user settings, programs, and data; in earlier versions of Windows it was called Upgrade Assistant;
  • MediaCreationToolW1 – utility for downloading the installation ISO and creating an installation USB flash drive for Windows 11;
  • Download the Windows 11 installation ISO.

Friends, if you need to upgrade to Windows 11, then we will publish an up-to-date update manual on the website.

Note : you can activate Windows 11 at the moment with a key from Windows 10, even if you installed Windows 11 from scratch.


Important : if you have a computer that does not meet the system requirements for Windows 11, during its installation you will receive an error “Windows 11 cannot be started on this computer.”

How to check your computer for compliance with Windows 11 requirements, see the article “How to check your computer for compatibility with Windows 11”. If you have a computer that does not meet the Windows 11 system requirements, what to do with it, see the article “It is impossible to start Windows 11 on this computer.” If you have an old computer and you can’t do anything to officially install Windows 11, you can install it unofficially. There are ways to bypass the System Requirements Checker for this. For these methods, see How to install Windows 11 without TPM 2.0, Secure Boot and UEFI.

Well, let’s now figure out how to download Windows 11 officially. Microsoft offers two options.


↑ Windows 11 Installation ISO


To download the installation ISO, go to the Microsoft website, on the Windows 11 download page. In the “Download Windows 11 (ISO) disk image” section, select “Windows 11”, click “Download”.

We indicate the language of the distribution kit and, in fact, download it.

Important : friends, this method of downloading Windows 11 includes the installation file install.wim as part of the installation image, which weighs more than 4 GB and will not fit on the FAT32 file system, which is essential for creating an installation UEFI flash drive. Use this method if you will not subsequently burn the ISO to a UEFI stick.


The downloaded installation ISO includes the Windows 11 editions:

  • Home
  • Home Single Language,
  • Education (For educational institutions),
  • Pro (Professional),
  • Pro Education (Professional for educational institutions),
  • Pro for Workstations.


↑ MediaCreationToolW1 utility


If you will subsequently burn the installation ISO to a UEFI USB flash drive with the FAT32 file system, use MediaCreationToolW1 – the Media Creation Tool for Windows 11. Initially, it is a tool for creating a Windows 11 installation USB flash drive with a FAT32 file system, but the utility creates only a Windows 11 installation USB flash drive. Or, you might want to create a multi-boot UEFI flash drive. And now MediaCreationToolW1 is also the way how to download Windows 11 officially, the utility can download the installation ISO with the installation image of the install.esd system as part of. It weighs less than 4GB and will therefore fit on FAT32. We go to the Microsoft website, to the Windows 11 download page, in the “Create installation media” section, click “Download”.

Download and run the utility.

We accept the license terms.

The Russian language of the downloadable distribution kit will be preinstalled, if you need to change the language, uncheck the recommended settings and select the language you need.

Select the item “ISO file”, click “Next”.

We indicate the folder for downloading the image.

We are waiting for the download process to complete.

We press “Finish”.

The installation ISO downloaded with MediaCreationToolW1 includes the Windows 11 editions:

  • Home
  • Home Single Language,
  • Education (For educational institutions),
  • Pro (Professional).

This, friends, is how to download Windows 11. If you have problems with all the official methods of downloading the operating system, see which are the unofficial ones in the article on the site “How to download Windows 11: unofficial ways”.


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