Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

Expansion cards for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are fleetingly available on the web

Although they will arrive on November 10th, the new Microsoft consoles for the new generation can already be booked. Whether in the Microsoft Store or through various retailers, the Xbox Series X and Series S already have an active pre-purchase period.

For the superior model, the Xbox Series X, we have a storage via SSD of 1TB of capacity, while the Xbox Series S remains at 512GB and although it may seem a lot (especially in the first one), this could be scarce if we use several games and want to take advantage of the full potential of the console. That’s why Microsoft has launched some memory cards or SSD cartridges to expand storage in case we fall short. Peripherals that have seen their price filtered before time.

A fleeting appearance

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S
Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

It has been the British chain Smyths Toys the one that has facilitated the price of these cards that signed by Seagate, allow to extend in 1TB the capacity of the console. Each one of them, would have a price according to this information, of 159 pounds, which comes to be about 173 euros to the change (if there is correspondence pound euro).

The truth is that although they are not economic, if this is the price they finally offer may not represent a cost as disproportionate as many feared, especially when we see how this extra cost if it has been transferred to the new generation of video games.

However, during this time there are users who have managed to capture the price and have shared it on Resetera and on their Twitter account. The price of these supposed expansion cards, in this case, appears in dollars, specifically 219.99, which would be about 187 euros at the exchange rate.

We don’t know if it was a mistake, but the truth is that Smyths Toys has removed any reference to these expansion cards after a while. The truth is that we will have to wait to confirm if this price is real or if there is finally some change when they arrive at the stores. If it is true that they will have a similar price, do you consider it a valid option or do you think it offers too high a cost?

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