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Coronavirus, Last Hour, Live: Healthcare Reports 401 Deaths During the Last Weekend

Coronavirus, Last Hour: The Basque Country proposes to lift the perimeter confinement at Christmas and to allow movements between Autonomous Communities.
Basque Country will propose, in the Interterritorial Council of Health, to raise the perimetral confinement in Christmas and to allow the displacements between Autonomous Communities, in addition to authorize maximum groups of up to ten people for the celebrations of 24, 25 and 31 of December, and 1 and 6 of January. For the time being, the Basque institutions have decided to maintain the planned restrictive measures and to study again next December 9th in a new meeting of the LABI its possible “flexibilization”.

Coronavirus, Last Hour, Live: Healthcare Reports 401 Deaths During the Last Weekend
Coronavirus, Last Hour, Live: Healthcare Reports 401 Deaths During the Last Weekend

The Community of Madrid enables a center to attend to minors under guardianship affected by covid-19
The Community of Madrid has set up a center to house and attend to the needs of minors with protective measures in the region who require isolation because they have tested positive for covid-19, or have to comply with quarantine because of close contact.

The Minister of Social Policy, Families, Equality and Birth, Javier Luengo, attended the opening of this new resource on Monday, located in the Madrid neighborhood of El Pardo. This center, whose contract has been processed by the emergency procedure, has a capacity for 24 minors between 3 and 17 years.

Coronavirus Last Hour Health reports 19,979 cases of covid-19 this weekend and 401 more deaths

The Ministry of Health has reported 19,979 cases of covid-19 this weekend, of which 1,959 have been diagnosed in the last 24 hours, compared to 5,008 last Friday. In this way, a total of 1,648,187 people have already been diagnosed with covid-19 in Spain.

The current average rate of infections in Spain in the last 14 days continues to decrease, currently standing at 275.51 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Regarding deaths, the new report published by the department headed by Salvador Illa records 401 more deaths than on Friday, and 943 in the last week. In total there are now 45,069 people who have died per covid-19 in Spain.

Currently there are 14,503 patients admitted for covid-19 throughout Spain and 2,629 in an ICU, although in the last 24 hours there have been 943 admissions and 573 discharges. In addition, in the last week 2,668 people have been admitted to hospital as a result of infection caused by the spread of coronavirus and 236 to an ICU. The occupancy rate of beds occupied by coronavirus now stands at 11.85% and in the ICUs at 26.74%.

Healthcare concludes the award of the Framework Agreement for the supply of materials against covid-19

The Ministry of Health, through the National Institute of Health Management (INGESA), has awarded this Monday the five remaining lots of the Framework Agreement for the acquisition of the necessary material to face the covid-19. This completes the award of the 11 lots included in this agreement.

As informed by the Ministry in a press release, the total economic amount of the acquisition is 2,578,739,505 (VAT and extension included) for almost 3,700 million units of product. As for the number of companies presented in time, there were 155, which add up to a total of 475 offers for the eleven lots. Once the process has been concluded, the Framework Agreement has been awarded to a total of 72 companies offering 166 products.

Italy registers its best data in more than a month but weighs up not allowing New Year’s Eve celebrations
Italy has added another 16,300 cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, its best figure in over a month in the middle of the second wave, at a time when the government is weighing up the restrictions for the coming weeks, which would not include allowing celebrations on New Year’s Eve.

According to the Ministry of Health, 16,377 positives have been detected among the 130,500 tests carried out in the last 24 hours, a lower figure than on Sunday, when there were more than 20,600 cases, although the number of diagnostic tests was also higher, with almost 177,000.

Peru extends state of emergency but reduces curfew
The Government of Peru has extended the state of emergency to the whole month of December, although it has reduced the curfew currently in force by one hour to contain the covid-19 pandemic, so that it will start at midnight and not at 11 p.m. and will last until 4 a.m.

A few days after decreeing the extension of the health emergency, Franscisco Sagasti’s Executive has also confirmed the maintenance of the state of emergency, a legal instrument that expands the authorities’ scope for action in the event that measures need to be taken.

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